The Unicorn Perspective

#73 - Vinnie Fisher: Always “Punch The Bully”

April 08, 2021 Maxwell Finn
The Unicorn Perspective
#73 - Vinnie Fisher: Always “Punch The Bully”
Show Notes

As a CEO do you ever get to relax? Is keeping track of income going to be tougher with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency? Should companies be required to make political statements? All questions I ask returning guest Vinnie Fisher on this week’s episode of The Unicorn Perspective. 

About the guest: 
Vinnie is the founder and CEO of Fully Accountable, which is an outsourced accounting and finance firm for small and medium sized eCommerce and digitally based businesses. Their mission is to provide eCommerce and digital business owners with better data, so they are able to make better decisions. As an extension of your team, Fully Accountable will do the hard work. You will be provided with clear, concise, and easy to understand analysis advice on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Get better data so that you can make better decisions. Save time, money, and stay consistent in your business with digital accounting experts!

Connect with Vinnie:

What you’ll learn: 
-How those who have the gold make the rules
-The importance of controlling the narrative when it comes to doing your taxes
-Why CEOs should develop leadership for the next generation
-How looking to history can improve your business acumen