The Unicorn Perspective

#70 - Akbar Sheikh: The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship And Internet Marketing

March 11, 2021 Maxwell Finn
The Unicorn Perspective
#70 - Akbar Sheikh: The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship And Internet Marketing
Show Notes

Dog-Chasing-It’s-Tail environment. Hustle culture. Toxicity. Akbar Sheikh and I talk about the dark side of entrepreneurship and internet marketing on this episode of The Unicorn Perspective. We also address how eliminating the value ladder has brought success to Akbar and those around him, how we often overlook the happiness factor, the fake it ‘til you make it mentality and more. 

About Akbar:

Akbar Sheikh is a #1 International best-selling author, a global keynote speaker on stages such as Tedx, master of ethical principles of persuasion, has helped 11 funnels hit seven figures, a father of two, and a philanthropist with a concentration on building water wells for the needy, sponsoring underprivileged orphans and giving the gift of vision back to blind children.

An avid user of the Clickfunnels platform and top 1% earner in the world - Akbar spends his time finding ways to better serve his clients through a unique 7 on 1 coaching program designed to get coaches, consultants, course creators, agencies - or anyone with that offers ongoing support calls with their clients, get to 6 and 7 figures without ad spend.

He has been awarded multiple 2-Comma-Club awards, has been featured in multiple entrepreneurial focused publications, and most recently was awarded the IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal Award from The International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry. This award is for being one of the best business training platforms in the world and proven to be trustworthy by bringing awareness and creating confidence in individuals that want to excel in personal business or become a successful coach. His mission: Help people make more, so they can give more to their favorite families, charities, and communities, thus making the world a better place.

Connect with Akbar:

What you’ll learn:

-Why you should continue to “chase” customer after they make a purchase

-The difference between a hustle culture and a giving culture

-How to look at profitability holistically